Literacy & Language Arts

  • The Literacy and Language Arts Curriculum is an inquiry-based program focusing on the simultaneous development of critical and creative thinking, literacy, and both oral and written communication. Great Books forms the core of the literature program, with additional resources including novel studies, picture and chapter books. Social thinking is embedded and taught explicitly as students are shown how to participate in literature discussion.

    Reading Comprehension targets both literal and inferential comprehension, as well as figurative language understanding and use. Reading comprehension and writing are extended to multiple genres – such as expository and narrative text - as reading and writing instruction occurs across all subjects. Word analysis and fluency instruction draw primarily from Words their Way and  Read Naturally.

    Written language, vocabulary, and spelling are taught through the objectives of Great Books, drawing upon other resources, such as:

    • Framing Your Thoughts: Applied Writing Sentence Structure (Project Read)
    • Heineman Units of Study: Primary Writing; and, Teaching Writing Grades 3-5
    • Words Their Way 
    • Novel and Poetry Units
    • Step Up to Writing (Expository Writing)

    The Handwriting Curriculum follows the sequence of Handwriting Without Tears. Award winning typing programs teach keyboarding in a fun and motivating way.

    Fiction reading and narrative writing are made explicit with the visual components of the Story Grammar Marker. The Story Grammar Marker supports the understanding of key social events in stories and gives students language for explaining the elements of the story (setting, plot, events, etc). More importantly, it provides the opportunity for students to engage in the thoughts, feelings and intentions of characters and to better understand the relationships between characters and events in a story.