Math Science


  • Our pedagogical approaches emphasize higher order reasoning, inquiry and problem solving, consistent with the instruction in each discipline.

    The grade K–6 Math program is based on the scope and sequence of Math in Focus: Singapore Approach. The grade MS program is based onConnected Mathematics. MS students also study Pre-algebra, Algebra I, and Geometry and Algebra II as they are ready.

    Supplementary materials include the online programs Dreambox and IXL. 


  • Throughout the Science curriculum (and across all disciplines) is a particular focus on inquiry: exploration and discovery, the scientific method, problem solving, and creativity, as well as collaboration and cooperation. 

    Our primary sources for the Science curriculum are: FOSS (Full Option Science System)/Delta Education, which includes a full range of materials and lab equipment for extended and complete exploration by the students. We draw upon the inherent differentiation and individualization afforded by the content of each module to individualize the science experiences for each student. We pull from a variety of independent texts and online sources, including National Science Resources Center, Smithsonian Institution, Prentice Hall and other reliable materials.