Arts PE

The Arts

  • At The Auburn School, we view the visual and performing arts as an invaluable means of self-expression, as well as an opportunity to explore a variety of perspectives.  The arts are integrated into the curriculum in ways that unleash the imagination and creativity of each student. 

    Whether creating mosaic pots for a “green curriculum,” constructing a model of the auditory pathway for hearing using natural objects, such as string, shells, cups, etc., complementing the study of sound by creating percussion instruments, acting in a reader’s theater to depict stories in the literature curriculum, or creating DNA autobiographies to complement studies in science and language arts, students at all grade levels are deepening their understanding of their worlds through engaging, minds-on activities.


Physical Education

  • Our PE program focuses on the social implications of sports readiness and the fitness implications for students with a range of primary leisure pursuits from sedentary to active. Therefore, sports readiness is coupled with key muscle development using games and fun activities to develop fitness levels needed for lifelong physical activity. Team building, self-awareness and self-regulation are built into enticing activities that provide movement and fun for all.