Sensory Supports

  • Although only some of our students have sensory needs that require them to learn in a quieter and smaller environment, we recognize that keeping to a routine and providing outlets for sensory needs are appreciated by all of our students. We establish times during the day for breaks, when some students choose a sensory break to engage in an activity that helps them to be ready for classroom learning. Our Occupational Therapist is able to suggest specific activities for individual children to support their learning needs. Headphones, fidgets, scents, and hop balls are all available for student sensory regulation.

Positive Behavioral Supports

  • All students, in any school setting, need positive acknowledgment for appropriate behavior. We select and integrate the best evidence-based practices for behavioral support. We use a range of positive strategies that emphasize, data-driven decision making, environmental considerations, and the teaching and encouragement of prosocial behavior. Our behavior support specialists and classroom teachers look carefully at individual and organizational outcomes to adjust our practices and strategies when necessary.