• Key to the Auburn Model is the integration of social, communication, sensory, organization and behavior instruction and support throughout the school day. All day, every day, our students are immersed in an environment that helps them grow in social and communication skills. Throughout the day, we implement a school-wide strategy of positive behavior supports. Whether in math class or at recess, at lunch or simply walking down the hall, our children are surrounded by trained people who use every interaction as an opportunity to help them advance in social and communication skills.

    The Auburn School curriculum focuses on perspective, making connections, cognitive flexibility, and the development of the imagination. Our teaching approaches focus on inquiry as the way in which children construct meaning that is enduring and can be applied to multiple contexts. Our integrated curriculum guides children in making connections across subjects.   

    Just as the students are learning, so too are the faculty and staff learning. Through a process of collaborative reflective inquiry, we engage in thinking deeply about our students’ learning – both academic and social – as well as about our own teaching practices.

    Our curriculum is informed by the Common Core State Standards. These standards are clear, understandable and consistent; evidence-based; in line with current state standards; informed by other top performing countries; all ensuring that our students are prepared to succeed in our global economy and society.

  • I got our daughter’s test scores yesterday, and was so amazed and thrilled that I barely know what to say. Except that you all are AWESOME!!! Clearly, Auburn is doing a fantastic job not just at helping her with her social, sensory, and executive functioning challenges — but at challenging her academically as well! I can not thank you enough