What They're Saying

  • "As a child psychologist, I have recommended the Auburn School to parents since its inception. Even before it's inception, Mr. Erik Heyer, the founder and director of Auburn reached out to me to discuss the planning of his school in Northern Virginia....I was immediately impressed by Mr. Heyer's passion and vision for Auburn during our initial meeting, and over the years, it has been a pleasure watching Auburn develop into one of Northern Virginia's leading private school's for bright students with social and communication challenges. I give the Auburn School my highest endorsement"
    Michael Oberschneider, Psy.D., NCCE, NCPC 
    Founder and Director 
    Ashburn Psychological and Psychiatric Services

    "Truly one of the most amazing schools I have ever seen!! I don't know how they do it, I am just grateful everyday that we found it!!"
    Conrad S.
    Auburn, Silver Spring Parent

    "We LOVE this school!  My child is in his 2nd year at this school and we couldn't be happier.  The administration is top-notch!  The Head of School...serves as a proactive, communicative and engaged example of what a principal should be.  The teachers are loving, responsive and truly appear to love what they do.  This school is a diamond in the rough.  My child truly feels at home here.  I feel like they see him for all of his abilities and I know he is in great hands when he is in school.  This school is ideal for children who are very bright but different learners who need additional supports in the areas of social-communication.  The classes are very small and the parents and children make a warm and close-knit community.  All of the teachers have in-depth training and education in Special Education.  In addition to great credentials, all of the teachers have a sincere interest in the well-being of the children.  I am yet to meet a teacher there that I do not feel positively about and that includes the front office staff as they are amazing too.    Last year, when we made the decision to enroll our child here, we had so many fears about making this kind of change from public school....But, seeing how our child is blossoming, has many friends and loves going to school, we GLADLY drive 45 minutes each way and pay the tuition as it is worth every penny plus some.  If you are looking for a school for your child who is bright, but has some mild learning and social differences this is as good as it gets.  This school is outstanding!  I've never experienced a place like this before!"
    Kim T.
    Auburn, Baltimore Parent

    "The teachers and administration are caring, compassionate, gifted educators who understand that some kids have incredible gifts as well as incredible challenges. They do their best to meet both ends and their focus on social skills and socioemotional growth is unparalleled - I know of no other area school that particularly focuses on the needs of this group of kids"
    Auburn, Baltimore Parent