Financial Aid & Scholarships
  • Our daughter has definitely benefited from attending Auburn. She is making strides socially, creatively, and academically. The faculty is amazing and a good balance of caring, fostering independence in an appropriate manner, and they are consistent with the behavior of the children. She is very happy at Auburn.”

Financial Aid

  • The Auburn School has a strong desire to serve all students and families who can benefit from our program. To assist families that may not otherwise be able to consider Auburn, we are dedicating a significant portion of our operating funds to support a generous financial aid program. We expect approximately 20-25% of students will receive tuition assistance, with average grant awards of about $7,500-$10,000. 

    Tuition assistance awards are determined through a careful analysis of a family’s complete financial situation, including all sources of funds available to contribute to the child’s education. In order for us to allocate our resources wisely and fairly, we receive input from Independent School Management’s Financial Aid for School Tuition (FAST) program. FAST does not decide whether financial assistance will be given or how much to give; rather, it provides a need-based financial aid analysis service. FAST provides the school with objective reports on each family’s financial situation. Applications, and the FAST report, are reviewed by Auburn’s confidential Financial Aid Committee, which determines the allocation of financial aid resources.

    For most families, all of Auburn’s tuition, fees and related costs, such as transportation, will qualify as tax-deductible medical expenses.  This reduces the effective cost to families by thousands of dollars each year.  Individual circumstances will vary, so please consult your individual tax advisor regarding this deduction.

    Application Process

    1. Instructions. Please print out and review Financial Aid Information.  

    2. Deadlines. New families applying for financial aid should submit all required items along with their Application for Admission. Notification of financial aid awards should be provided within two weeks of a complete submission. Returning Families must submit annual applications by March 15.

    3. FAST Apply Online. Both parents must complete an online application and financial statement with the Financial Aid for School Tuition program (FAST). This form can be accessed by clicking on the FAST icon

    4. Mail Tax Returns. Both parents must also mail signed copies of all recent tax filings outlined in the Financial Aid Information to: FAST Processing, 1316 North Union St., Wilmington, DE 19806 

    In the event of divorce or separation, both parents must submit their tax returns and file an online financial statement with FAST. Please see the Financial Aid Information for more details and complete instructions.