• Our students come to us with their singular, wonderful minds, their surprising questions, their tentative smiles. 

    Because they are bright, we give them an academic program as challenging as any independent school. Because they each have their own set of social and communication challenges, we give them a comprehensive research-based social skills program, and weave social thinking and learning into everything they do throughout the day. Because they are children, we give them our affection and respect.

    Gradually, through countless interactions with teachers who understand how they think and appreciate how they feel -- experts who simply enjoy being with them -- our students begin to feel an enveloping acceptance.  And as their interactions with their teachers and other students become more satisfying, they begin to relax.

    Slowly, they absorb the single most important thing they can learn at Auburn: they are among friends.  This is the knowledge that adds happiness to their days, laughter to their voices, friends to their lives.  This is the knowledge that changes them and opens their future.

    Please come visit us and see for yourself what Auburn has to offer!

    Paula Cage, Head of School - Baltimore Campus
    Ryan Gast, Head of School - Fairfax Campus
    Andy Hubner, Head of School - Silver Spring Campus