Parent Communication
  • Effective home-school communication is a critical element of student success at Auburn. Our teachers work in close cooperation with parents to ensure regular communication of important information and individual student progress. A communication schedule is provided at the beginning of the year, detailing regular e-mails, parent meetings, lectures and workshops.

    Grades are distributed four times per year and detailed narrative progress reports are sent mid-quarter. Two Parent-Teacher conferences and one Parent-Teacher-Student conference are held each year. Communication between home and Auburn is enhanced by the use of student communication folders. In addition, a parent newsletter keeps parents informed about school and class events.

    We work to build a strong Auburn community by facilitating positive relationships among our students and families through a strong Parents Association, family nights, parent workshops, and parent groups. We inform parents of budding relationships and shared interests among students so that parents can take an active role in nurturing them outside of the classroom

  • The Student Compass 

    We individualize all aspects of our program, including both academic and social growth objectives. Academically, many of our students possess strengths that are not fully developed or realized in traditional classrooms. We believe that properly providing for each student’s unique academic strengths and interests more actively engages them in the learning process, which assists in social growth. Socially, students are encouraged to develop individualized strategies and techniques to learn resilience and self-advocacy. Individual accommodations are provided to ensure each student can learn and participate successfully and meaningfully.

    Auburn’s personalized approach to learning begins with the Auburn Student Compass, a unique learning map that we create for each student. This personalized learning plan is designed to orient and guide each student as they travel their own unique educational journey. It specifies key academic and social goals and strategies, and identifies areas of strength for each student. Written from the student's perspective, the Student Compass is developed by Auburn staff, in consultation with parents and students. It is then used as a tool for all Parent-Teacher conferences and is regularly reviewed and modified as necessary.