Aristotle Fairfax
  • At Camp Aristotle, we believe that the summer should be stress-free and full of fun! Our weekly themes are chosen with input from students because we know that growth happens when children are truly engrossed in what they are doing. Our exciting activities are carefully designed to foster friendships, self awareness, exploration, and social success. Many students at Camp Aristotle experience challenges associated with Autism Spectrum Disorder (previously Asperger's Syndrome or PDD-NOS), receptive/expressive/pragmatic language challenges and, ADHD; however, not all campers have a formal diagnosis. Students at Camp Aristotle may have trouble with peer relationships and/or impulse control. Sometimes, they have previously experienced unhappiness and frustration in camps where their need for tools such as sensory breaks were not respected or understood. Our teachers and staff are specially trained to understand these needs. Our goal is to provide all of our campers with an enjoyable, fulfilling and bully-free camp experience.

    Camp Aristotle accepts rising Kindergarten through rising 9th grade campers offering both half day and full day options. The hours are as followed: 

    Full day: 8:30am -3:15pm

    Half day: 8:30am -12:00pm

    Aftercare: 3:15pm -5:15pm (for an additional charge)

Explore, Create, Move, and Discover

  • At Camp Aristotle, campers participate in a variety of activities based on the weekly themes.  Activities include creative arts; drama; cooking; music, movement and dance; team building games; science experiments; construction and design; water play; and computers.

    Each day, campers rotate through different activities and are encouraged and supported to take risks, improve social skills, make new friends, and try different things.  A daily snack is provided. 

    Our summer program is designed with engaging and exciting activities, projects and visitors relating to a weekly theme. Our model integrates social thinking and learning support throughout the day so campers can build friendships, explore, and most importantly, have fun!


  • Parent Information Sessions

    Parents interested in admissions to Camp Aristotle at the Fairfax Campus for Summer 2018 are invited to attend an Open House to learn more about our program and camp. The information sessions are intended for parents/guardians only. 

    If you are unable to attend one of the information sessions, please contact us to get information by phone or to schedule an appointment.

    How to Apply 

    Applications are now being accepted for Summer 2018 for rising Kindergarten through 9th graders. Please note the application deadline of May 18, 2018 (Early Bird April 6, 2018). We ask families to submit applications by the deadline in order to ensure proper staffing, groupings and supplies. We will of course still consider applications submitted after the deadline if we still have spaces available!

    Camper Visit

    All students new to The Auburn School or Camp Aristotle must attend a visit to ensure that Camp Aristotle can meet their needs. Applicants will be contacted in order to schedule after their entire application has been received and processed.


    • Application Fee: $50 (applied to tuition for all accepted campers)
    • Full Day: $650 per week, $600 for holiday week of July 2-6
    • Half Day: $350 per week; $300 for holiday week of July 2-6
    • Aftercare: $110/week, $30/day

Summer 2018 Weekly Themes

  • Week 1 (July 2nd – 6th*) | Super Sleuths & Spies

    Join us for a week of mystery and intrigue as campers explore the secret world of detectives and spies. Campers will receive badges after a week of training in observation, deduction and collecting evidence and data. Our undercover campers will become masters of disguise and hone their ninja skills to stealthily move among the shadows.

    Social Learning Focus: Understanding and developing self-advocating skills- identify the difference between expected / acceptable and unexpected / unacceptable behaviors. Learn how expected behaviors change based on where you are, who you are with and what you are doing.

    Week 2 (July 9th – 13th) | Music Lab

    The music lab will inspire budding and experienced performers to create their own compositions or become part of a group to perform, record and mix their own performances. Campers will experiment with musical instruments, vocals, rap and movement as a means of utilizing 21st century skills of communicating, creating and collaborating.

    Social Learning Focus: Using problem solving to identify the size of a problem and the importance of appropriately matching your reaction. Developing appropriate strategies to help you maintain a clear mind and a calm body.

    Week 3 (July 16th – 20th) | Discovering Animals of the Sea

    Dive with us into the world of undersea creatures, as we examine underwater mammals, fish and crustaceans. Campers will identify habitats, discuss conservation and participate in a service learning project to help promote awareness for animals of the deep. 

    Social Learning Focus: Social behavior maps- learn how your behavior impacts other people and affects the consequences you experience, both positive and negative. Practice strategies to make more prosocial choices.

    Week 4 (July 23rd – 27th) | 2018: A Science Fiction Odyssey

    Journey to the galaxies where campers will explore our solar system and catch a worm hole to discover real and imagined extraterrestrials, space ships, space ports, planets and space travel. Fasten your seat belts as we blast off for parts unknown in other worlds!

    Social Learning Focus: The importance of cognitive flexibility- learn how to identify rigid vs. flexible thinking, and practice being flexible when challenges arise.

    Week 5 (July 30st – August 3rd) | The Wide World of Gaming- Video Games, Board Games & Beyond
    Campers will investigate the world of gaming by gaining a deeper understanding of the creative process of a game developer and designer. Campers will analyze board games, RPG gaming and video gaming, create characters and synthesize their knowledge and skills to create their own board game.

    Social Learning Focus: Learn the difference between social smarts and school / science smarts. Use your social smarts to think about others instead of being a 'just me' thinker.

    Week 6 (August 6th – 10th) | Super Heroes

    Look, up in the sky! It’s the mighty campers of Camp Aristotle to save the day! Campers will examine super heroes, real and imagined and explore the question, “What is a hero?”. Campers will meet real heroes from our community and transform themselves into a super hero of their own design. 

    Social Learning Focus: Compromise and Choice vs. No Choice situations. Learning to identify what is within your power to change and what is not. Learn how to use the skill of compromise to improve flexibility and resiliency.